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Thai Elephant Stomps Man to Death in Surin Province



Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra offers alms to monks in Surin


Chiangrai Times – A 50-year-old man has been stomped to death by an elephant in the Muang district of Surin Province on Monday morning, reports said.

The attack occurred about 7.30am inside Wat Chumpolsuthawas, about 200 metres from where the prime minister was to offer alms to monks seated on the backs of elephants near the monument of Phraya Surin Phakdisrinarong Changwang.

The reports said that before the incident  a man, who was not identified, wearing grey shorts but without a shirt, climbed up a tree on one side of the monument, about 20m from where Ms Yingluck would offer alms.

The man was ordered to climb down by police and then went into Wat Chumpolsuthawas and began playing with one of the elephants chained inside the grounds.

The elephant took the man in its trunk and threw him up in the air. When he fell to the ground, the elephant stomped on him.

Mahouts in the area rushed to help him and managed to stop the elephant’s atack, but the man was already seriously injured, suffering from broken bones to many parts of his body.

He was rushed to the Surin Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

The alms-offerring activity chaired by Ms Yingluck later went as scheduled. She then left to attend the mobile cabinet meeting, which is being held at Surin Rajabhat University.

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