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Thai Customs Seize Illegal Cargo



Col. TG Thanik. Hiran Chaweng Sak. Marine Police Inspector (1 kg Sy.s.rnn. Bu.rnn. 11) Chiang Saen district, Chiang Rai, along with strength of naval units maintain peace and order by the Mekong River (Nrnkh.) to seize the vessels. China Chiang Saen Customs House Docks. We will use the crane transport charcoal from the 10-wheel truck and trailer slack in the hull.

From the detection of wooden plates and stub timber with a large number of root wood than 1,000 pieces valued at more than 100 million by the total number of wood is prepared to export to China Through the Mekong River. But the audit found that there is a wooden stamp, just a number only. Believes that the unauthorized use of the transport timber from the source. And a seal And do not seal together. Camouflage to evade scrutiny of officials. However, officials have now seize wood with vessels of all the Chinese out. To check the type of timber and export license. From the relevant authorities before

Thanik TG Hiran Chaweng Sak. Police said after the Marine Police were not many are unloading a cargo to China. For export to China. Has tried to check all timber, wood pieces, which were many. Many types of wood together. But no one can explain the origin of wood and export documentation. Or through the customs clearance process in the clear. They also found that there was no probability of a wooden support. This is no ban on timber exports and is very expensive. If delivered to China.

Reporters informed that. While police and military ships into the water to check the cargo exports to China of these aircraft. Port of Chiang Saen Customs officials. There was no such officer any Able to explain or clarify the number of all this. Port of Chiang Saen, this. The city of Chiang Saen customs. Which was previously found to be channels available for other agency officials to arrest the impact illegal very often. With bringing the goods through illegal channels such. The channel under the control of government officials. The cargo ship. Particular goods to be exported to China

After customs officials do not have to explain to officers arresting series. Is to inform them with Col. Video Ek Chai Police Station Prom duty inspector. Saen waiting to check the origin of wood.

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