Thai Cabinet Extends Excise Diesel Tax Cut Until November


Thai Cabinet Extends Excise Diesel Tax Cut Until November



(CTN News) – Thai Cabinet extends diesel tax cut for another two months after diesel prices hit Thailand hard this year. From September 21 to November 20, there will be a five-baht per liter price cut.

Bio-diesel and bunker oil used to generate power will also be exempt from excise tax from September 16 to March 15, 2023.

Ekiti Nitthanprapas, the director-general of the Revenue Department, said the reduction is necessary to ease consumer and business burdens.

On Tuesday, government spokesperson Anucha Burapachaisri said that the cabinet also approved a 300 million baht subsidy for cooking gas between October and December.

Over 200 billion baht have already been spent on diesel and gas subsidies in Thailand. The current diesel price in Thailand is almost 35 baht per liter. Even prices lower than this have been considered too high by many.

In April, angry truck drivers rallied in front of the Government House in Bangkok after the price cap was raised to 32 baht per liter.

Thailand Diesel prices, 12-Sep-2022

Thailand Diesel prices
Litre Gallon
 THB 34.940 132.262
 USD 0.962 3.642
 EUR 0.951 3.600

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