Thai Army Denys Soldiers Were Ordered To Masturbate


Thai Army Denys Soldiers Were Ordered to Masturbate



Major General Amnat Srimak, deputy commander of the 3rd Army, denied accusations that 168 soldiers were forced to masturbate after a photo circulated viral online.

According to the allegation, a photo shows a group of men dressed in military uniform sitting on the floor in a room, with a caption stating that 168 soldiers were ordered to masturbate before taking a bath. However, Maj Gen Amnat Srimak, denied the allegation, claiming the incident did not happen and the caption was inaccurate.

A soldier took the photo at a meeting for the purpose of distributing uniforms to soldiers at a 3rd Army unit responsible for overseeing security in the north.

Maj Gen Amnat said the soldier uploaded the photo to his Instagram account with a caption that falsely described the picture, which was shared on social media, drawing criticism from netizens.

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He said the soldier was questioned later and admitted the caption was meant as a gimmick to gain attention on social media. The soldier later apologized on social media for the inaccurate caption, and his superiors were instructed to consider disciplining him.

According to Maj Gen Amnat, respect for soldiers within the 3rd Army is taken very seriously.

Meanwhile, As part of a country-wide effort to further suppress Covid-19, the army has stepped up surveillance along the Thai-Myanmar border. Furthermore, border patrol units will deploy high-tech equipment to prevent illegal crossers in the northern and northeastern regions of Thailand.

To tackle the problem of illegal migrant workers, the army’s operation centre has also asked neighbouring countries to work together to combat human trafficking.



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