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Tesla Prepares to Open Flagship Store in Bangkok as Thai Sales Grow



Tesla Prepares to Open Flagship Store in Bangkok as Thai Sales Grow

(CTN News) – Tesla, the renowned electric vehicle manufacturer, is gearing up to officially open a flagship store in Thailand, as the Nikkei news agency reported.

The company aims to boost its regional sales growth and keep up with Chinese competitors such as BYD. The flagship store, located in the eastern Bangkok zone, is set to open this June at select department stores.

Tesla’s Strategic Move to Tap into the Southeast Asian Market

To enhance the customer experience and support its operations, Tesla plans to renovate an old Toyota showroom. This 5-story facility will house a showroom and feature service centers, parts warehouses, and fast charging stations. While specific details are yet to be disclosed, a Tesla representative confirmed that further information will be available in due course.

Tesla entered the Thai market in December 2022, commencing the sale of its electric cars in the country. Currently, two models are available for purchase: the Model Y, with a starting price of 1.96 million baht, and the Model 3, priced at 1.76 million baht. These prices are relatively higher than competitors like BYD, whose electric vehicles are priced closer to one million baht.

Establishing a flagship store in Thailand is strategic for Tesla, as it views the country as a stepping stone for its expansion in Southeast Asia.

The Model Y, in particular, has gained significant traction, with sales doubling in March 2023 to reach 1,034 units. This achievement has granted the Model Y a 17% share of the electric vehicle market in Thailand.

According to Autolife Thailand, the Model Y has emerged as the second best-selling electric car in the country, trailing only behind BYD’s Atto 3. This surge in sales has propelled Tesla ahead of Chinese automakers SAIC Motor Group and Great Wall Motor, the parent company of the MG brand.

As Tesla prepares to inaugurate its flagship store in Thailand, the company anticipates further regional growth and success.

By strategically positioning itself in Southeast Asia and capitalizing on the positive customer feedback received thus far, Tesla aims to solidify its presence and drive the adoption of electric vehicles in this promising market.

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