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St. Louis High School Shooting Results In The Deaths Of 2 Students And The Gunman



St. Louis High School Shooting Results In The Deaths Of 2 Students And The Gunman

(CTN News) – An armed gunman broke into a St. Louis high school Monday morning, killing a woman and a teenage girl and wounding six others before police killed him.

After 9 a.m., the shooting triggered barricades, huddles in classroom corners, jumps from windows, and running out of the building. She was eye-to-eye with the shooter before his gun jammed, allowing her to escape.

According to the city’s police chief, a security guard and police officers who “ran to the gunfire” helped end the shooting before more people were killed or injured.

Police Chief Michael Sack said the shooter was about 20 years old but did not provide his name or those of his victims. Teacher or not, he declined to say.

In the locked building, seven security guards were at each of the entry points when the incident occurred,St. Louis high school Superintendent Kelvin Adams said.

Guards noticed the man trying to open a locked door. Sack said the guard notified school officials and contacted police.

A timely response by the security officer and a pause caused by the door bought us some time, Sack said.

His description of the man’s weapon was that of a long gun. In the same building as Central Visual and Performing Arts is Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience. 146 Central students, 336 Collegiate.

The officers first evacuated the three-story brick building, then engaged the shooter in a gunfight, killing him, Sack said.

As of Monday, 40 St. Louis high school shootings have resulted in injuries or deaths this year, the most since Education Week began tracking shootings in 2018.

19 children and two teachers died at Robb Elementary St. Louis high school in Uvalde, Texas, in May. In December 2021, a Michigan teenager pleaded guilty to terrorism and first-degree murder in a school shooting that killed four students.

She was in math class when the shooter fired into the room from the hallway. She said the shooter banged on the door as students piled into a corner.

During a lockdown, Janay Douglas’ daughter got trapped in a hallway. She said her daughter called her to tell her she heard shots.

She and her friends ran away after one of her friends was shot in the hand. I disconnected,” Douglas said. “I’m on my way.”

“Our children should not have to experience this,” Jones said. Active shooter drills shouldn’t be required. That’s what happened today.”

St. Louis high school were placed on lockdown for the remainder of the day, and all after-school activities were canceled.


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