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South Korea to Build Stadium Devoted to eSports

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SEOUL – South Korea has announced its building an esports stadium and park devoted to e-sports in Pangyo, south of Seoul.

Thee-sports stadium will be built in Seongnam, the second largest city in South Korea’s Pangyo, province.

It was evaluated as the best location among four satellite cities that participated in a bid to create the venue.

The stadium raises hopes to be a sure medal win for South Koreans in Olympics.

E-sports was held as a demonstration event for the first time in the Asian Games in Indonesia last year.

Professional gamers already earn millions of dollars in South Korea.

e sports

eSports players are more popular than traditional sports players among the young. Coming in eighth professions in an education ministry poll on elementary pupils.

The stadium – with total floor area of 8,500 square meters – will have three floors and above and one floor under ground.

The building will have a 400-seat main stadium and a 50-seat sub stadium, with an area for professional e-Sports gamers.

The esports stadium will also have a facility where 1,500 audiences will be able to view online sports game.

The provincial government will also build a 12-metre high and 25 meter long large media wall and terrace seats outside surrounding the stadium.

e Sports League

Seongnam City also plans to put out efforts to expand the game industry market, by participating in bids to host e sports events.

Running an international e-sports league, and creating a team of professional gamers.

It’s projected that about 128,000 gamers and fans will visit the venue every year.

History of eSports in Korea

While esports has existed since the 1960s, it was Korea that really thrust the sport into the mainstream.

The government’s decision to build a national broadband network in the late ’90s led to a rise in popularity of online games.

In 1999, Korea even went as far as to create the Korean esports Association.The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism approved its association incorporation in 2000.

It is the managing body for 25 of the country’s main esports games, including Starcraft II, League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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