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Soldier Charged with Murder after Shooting Woman in the Head

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A soldier stationed at a military camp in southern Thailand has been charged with shooting and killing a 44-year-old woman in Narathiwat an Army spokesman confirmed on Thursday.

The non-commissioned officer had since been suspended from active duty. Maj Gen Pramote Phrom-in said the army would not intervene to protect him.

Sgt Sahachart Horpen of Kromluang Narathiwat Ratchanakarin military camp is accused of killing Ms Nureeta Yakor, 44 in Tak Bai in Narathiwat, Thailand.

Ms Nureeta died on Wednesday after being shot by a gunman at her house. Sgt Sahachart was later arrested by police in the Tak Bai district of Narathiwat, Thailand.

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According to investigators, Sgt Sahachart was already under investigation for serious disciplinary violations for his alleged involvement with illegal drugs.

Even before he was arrested, a military panel was preparing a recommendation to punish him with disciplinary punishment and dismiss him from the service.

His commander had ordered that he be suspended from duty. Maj Gen Pramote said above all, those who break the law will not be protected by the army,

As a show of support for the victim’s family, local residents gathered on Thursday at the victim’s house. Ms Nureeta had four children, who are now being raised by their father in Narathiwat, Thailand.

Sgt Sahachart had also been in the village three to four days before the shooting, according to a police source. People there knew him.

He asked Ms Nureeta the name of a person named Mr Yadaeng on Wednesday. He pulled out a handgun and shot her through the head as she picked up her phone to make a call to find him.

Furthermore, Sgt Sahachart was arrested later that day after his neighbours called the police.

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