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Six Drug Couriers Killed After Firefight with Army Border Patrol



In a clash between drug couriers and an army border patrol in Chiang Rai’s Mae Fa Luang district early on Tuesday, six drug smugglers were killed and 1.8 million methamphetamine pills were seized.

Pha Muang Force commander Col. Sutkhet Srinilthin said the shootout occurred around 4 a.m.

3rd Cavalry patrolling in Tambon Mae Fa Luang, opposite Myanmar’s Tachilek province in Chiang Rai, encountered 10-15 men crossing a natural border crossing into Ban Li Sae. All the men carried backpacks. Col Sulkhet said most of the men were armed.

At about 100 meters into Thai territory, patrol members appeared and ordered the intruders to stop. When they tried to retreat, they instead opened fire, and the soldiers returned fire. There were approximately 30 minutes of shooting.

In the aftermath of the gunfire, the patrol cleared the area and found six of the intruders dead. Nine straw bags containing methamphetamine pills were found at the scene.

After the clash, more troops arrived at the conflict site to search the area.

On Tuesday morning, 3 drug couriers were arrested and 200,000 meth pills seized in Mae Ai district, an adjacent province to Chiang Mai.

On the border near Pakui village Moo 3 in Tambon Tha Ton, two army patrols were deployed.

A group of men was spotted walking along a natural border crossing near Pakui village around 10 am. Upon being signaled to stop, they abandoned their rucksacks and fled into the village.

200,000 meth pills were found in the rucksacks, and three suspects were later arrested.

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