Senior Police Transferred After Pub Raids Discover Drugs and Minors



Four senior police officers in northeastern Thailand have been transferred after pub raids uncover drugs and underage drinkers. The raids on two popular pubs in Roi Et, uncovered more than 200 minors drinking.

Officials from the Provincial Administration raided two pubs; — Boozer Pub and Drone Club. Both pubs were located in central district of Rai Et.

More than 600 people were found inside the two venues, when the raids began at around 2am. Many minors tried to flee but failed as officials and volunteers had blocked the exits.

At Boozer, 138 of the 400 patrons were aged below 20, with the youngest ones being 13 years old.

Three small packs of crystal methamphetamine were also found scattered on the floor. The managers who held the permit for the Boozer pub, were detained for legal action.

At the Drone Club, the task force found 78 of the 200 patrons were aged below 20. The Manager and permit holder were also detained for legal action.

All four were charged with permitting minors into their establishments. Also for selling alcohol to underage customers, and other related violations.

The police officers were transferred to inactive posts for failing to ensure the pubs served only those of legal drinking age.

Moved to inactive posts at the operations centre of the Roi Et provincial police headquarters were: Pol Lt Col Sudjit Srisiri, acting superintendent of the station; Pol Lt Col Cherdchai Thanomcheep, deputy superintendent for crime suppression; Pol Lt Col Pairoj Bubpha, deputy superintendent for investigation; and also Pol Lt Col Boonsueb Chainam-om, crime suppression chief.

The order was signed on Saturday by Pol Maj Gen Pairoj Mankhla, chief of Roi Et police.

Source: Bangkok Post, Thairath


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