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Islamic School Teacher Who Raped 13 Students Sentenced to Death



Islamic School Teacher Who Raped 13 Students Sentenced to Death

An Islamic school teacher found guilty of raping 13 students and impregnating 8 of them in Indonesia, has been sentenced to death.

In February, Herry Wirawan, 36, was convicted of sexual abuse in one of the country’s religious schools and sentenced to life in prison.

The prosecution, which had requested the death penalty and chemical castration, appealed.

As reported by the High Court in Bandung, West Java province, the judge accepted the prosecutors’ appeal and sentenced the Islamic teacher to death.

Herry’s lawyer, Ira Mambo, declined to comment on whether an appeal would be filed, stating he needed to see the full decision.

Officials in Indonesia, including its minister for child protection, have also called for the death penalty for the school teacher, though the nation’s human rights commission opposes it.

The school teacher impregnated 8 teenage girls

The family of a female student at Mr. Wirawan’s school in Bandung reported him to the police for raping and impregnating their teenage daughter last year.

Wirawan previously was found guilty of raping female students – many of them poor and on scholarships – over the course of five years. At least eight of these students were impregnated.

The school teacher asked the judge in the lower court for leniency, saying he wanted to be around to help raise his children.

Throughout the country, outrage over the case grew, and pressure grew on the parliament to approve the “elimination of sexual violence bill”, which combats sex crimes and provides justice to victims, including in marital rape cases.

As a result of the Bandung rape case, the Child Protection Commission has been alerted to a growing problem of sexual abuse in the Indonesian educational system, with 14 out of 18 incidents reported to them taking place at Islamic schools last year.

About five million students live and study in boarding schools in the country, which has more than 25,000 Islamic boarding schools.

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