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Record and Transcribe a Google Hangouts Meet Video

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If the present situation of the world has proved anything, it is that the very essence of daily functioning can change in a second. The current COVID-19 situation has brought the world to a standstill, and the work dynamic has in itself changed. With many calling this as a permanent shift in the work paradigm, it is important to examine ways in which work from home can be made more efficient. Converting audio to text might be one of those ways as record and transcribe a Google Hangouts Meet Video

What is Google Hangouts Meet?

Currently named as Google Meet, this was released back in 2017, and has grown massively since then. The platform falls in the G suite that includes other services, namely, Hangouts, Duo, and Messages. There is a paid version of Meet that supports up to 250 people and also offers a live-stream cap of 100,000 viewers.

Its capacity to have a large number of simultaneous connections makes this service perfect for both personal as well as professional use. If you do plan on doing a video call/ screen sharing, it makes a lot of sense to go for a product that will integrate seamlessly with other services that you’re probably already using (eg: Google Meet integrates with your Calendar to set-up reminders for important meetings, etc.)

What Do You Need to Transcribe a Google Hangouts Meet Video into Text?

google hangouts meets video Record and Transcribe

One of the life hacks when it comes to working from home is transcription. Sadly, many people do not realize the advantage of having your video calls transcripted. Video calls relating to work can sometimes extend into hours, and during this time, there is a lot of exchange of information. Whether you are at the top or not, you must remember the points discussed during the meeting, or you’re bound to mess up somewhere down the line.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • A written transcript is a reference to go back to, to check up on matters discussed.
  • It serves as proof of the conversation in written form
  • Searching through text is much easier than scrolling through a video trying to find the right timestamp.

Now that you realize how important having transcripts is, let’s move on to which software is your best choice for the job. Let’s get one thing straight. Having a low-performing transcription service might even be worse than a video and can create a lot of issues. This is where Audext comes into the picture.

Audext converts mp3 to text and offers high-efficiency transcription services and does so at very competitive prices. The platform supports various formats of both audio and video, making it a go-to option in more than one use-case. The service uses top of the line AI algorithms to smartly convert your .mp4, .m4a, .wma, .mp3, .ogg, and .wav files into readable text, and does so with lightning speed. To put its efficiency into perspective, an hour of audio would take approximately 7 minutes to transcribe.

Audext allows you to transcribe for free

Audext also offers an in-built editor that helps highlight active words, find and replace words, among many other useful features. It is very economical given the quality it delivers and makes it ideal even for work-from-home transcription jobs. One of its other main features that complement its use in transcribing Google Hangout Meet videos is the fact that it has speaker identification. This gives customers very reliable and easy-to-use text at the end.

To make things easier for you, Audext offers free transcription for 30 min as a trial so that you can experience it for yourself. A win-win situation.

Record and Transcribe a Google Hangouts Meet Video

Things that Audext CANNOT do (at least for now):

  • Convert Text to Audio
  • Convert audio with background noise
  • Generate any audio of its own

Steps to Record & Transcribe a Google Hangout Meet Video

Now that we’ve concluded that Audext is your best shot at transcribing audio to text, here is how you record and transcribe Google Hangout Meet videos in 5 steps.

1: Record Google Hangout Meet Video

 2: Upload the audio/video in your Audext dashboard

3: Send audio to the Audext editor

4: Sit back, relax, and watch your transcript get downloaded

5: Once transcribed, use the intuitive tools to tweak it to your liking

6: When it’s edited and ready for download, hit “Export” and get your text in either .doc or .txt format.

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