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‘Putin Will Lose This War’, Former Ukrainian PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk Says



'Putin Will Lose This War', Former Ukrainian PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk Says

Arseniy Yatsenyuk, former Ukrainian Prime Minister, says the ongoing conflict in Ukraine is the most dramatic event since World War II.

“This isn’t just an accident. ‘Everything that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and his cronies and soldiers did to Ukrainians is war crimes and crimes against humanity,’ Arseniy Yatsenyuk told CNN’s, Jake Tapper.

As far as Arseniy Yatsenyuk is concerned, the biggest question is what will ultimately happen to Putin and his army.

As he explained: “How can we bring Putin personally to justice, along with every single commander and soldier who committed these atrocities against the Ukrainian people?”.

In spite of Putin’s apparent lack of recourse, Arseniy Yatsenyuk predicted his reign would fail.

Former Ukrainian PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk Says ‘Puttin Will Lose This War’

“I still believe that Putin is going to lose this war … This is a war against the free world.”. Actually, this is a war against the entire human race. I believe that this is a war against freedom,” he said. “He is going to lose this war, and we need to start preparing right now.

I feel strongly that it is imperative we form a kind of joint-investigative group so we are prepared to bring Putin to justice, and to see him sit behind bars in prison.”

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