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Putin Says Sanctions Against Russia are a Declaration of War



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In a statement given on Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the sanctions imposed on his country are “equivalent to declaring war.”

The Russian president also said that a state of emergency will not be imposed in Russia or that Russia will not enlist existing conscripts for the “operation” in Ukraine.

There was another alternative that we could have used,” he said. “Russia, along with the Russian army, could have helped the republics of Donbas at the contact line as well, but in this case, on the other side of the conflict, with unwavering support from the West, we would have radicals on the other side coming endlessly… with support from the West.”

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We have gone the other way; the first thing our General Staff, our mighty Ministry of Defense, has done is to destroy the entire military infrastructure [of Ukraine], well not all of it, but to destroy most of it. “We have warehouses with weapons, ammunition, aviation, air defense systems,” he said.

The Russian president stated that the air defence systems of Ukraine have almost been destroyed.

According to CNN, the claims of Vladimir Putin cannot be independently verified.

As a result, the demand has been made to close the sky, however, the implementation of this demand will have colossal and catastrophic consequences not just for Europe, but for the entire world as a whole,” he explained.

There is a need for the current [Ukrainian] leadership to understand that if they continue to do what is happening, they may put the future of Ukrainian statehood in jeopardy. If this occurs, it is entirely their responsibility to take responsibility for it,” Putin said.

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