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Presenting the Five Most Popular Dog Breeds in Thailand

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Thailand is one of the favorite travel destinations of many. For all of you dog lovers out there, you know how stressful it is to leave your four-legged companion behind while you are on the road. Luckily for you, Thailand is a country of hospitality. If you follow specific laws and regulations, you can come with your canine friend.  Other than that, you are likely wondering what dogs you may run into while in Thailand. To answer this question, we have conducted a list of five most popular dog breeds in Thailand. You might notice a particular connection between them. Let’s get started.


Five Most Popular Dog Breeds in ThailandBeagle is a famous dog known for its big, Dumbo-like ears and wide, hazel eyes. It’s considered one of the ‘merriest’ breeds out there, which makes them so loveable. At the same time, if you go to a toy store, chances are you will find at least one stuffed beagle toy. These dogs are excellent for large families but are also considered one of the best-hunting dogs out there. A perfect mix for everyone!

Yorkshire terrier

Five Most Popular Dog Breeds in ThailandDespite being recognized for its long, glossy coat of a Yorkie lies a genuine, full-blooded terrier. These dogs were hunting rats long before they became one of the most famous Victorian ladies’ lapdogs. This combination of elegance and feisty makes them one of the most popular dogs worldwide, and Thailand is no different. Not only that, but Yorkshire terriers are low-allergen, as their coat resembles human hair more than regular dog fur. This is another reason for its popularity.

Shih Tzu

Five Most Popular Dog Breeds in ThailandThis breed’s name literally means ‘little lion’, which could make you imagine anything but this dog. Shih Tzu dogs are bred to be companions and lapdogs, which makes them affectionate and needy. They can be contempt just lying in the house all day or following their owners all across the house, so they are typically owned by elders or people who live in apartments. Looking at some of Thailand’s big, crowded cities with glorious skyscrapers, it isn’t a surprise that Shih Tzu is on this list.


Pomeranian ThailandEverybody loves Pomeranians! They are tiny, fluffy, affectionate and feisty. It is no wonder they are loved by Thais, as well. These small dogs have a wolf’s temperament. They will bark at just about anything – and looking very cute instead of dangerous. Despite their size, though, they aren’t good family dogs, and they shouldn’t be left alone with kids. As they are a sign of prestige, however, many people still love having them.


ChihuahuaEveryone knows about Chihuahuas. These little dogs seem to forget their size, and they will often act like a German shepherd or some similar, much larger breed. As they are one of the most loved dog breeds globally, it isn’t a surprise that they are the number one of the most popular dog breeds in Thailand. Chihuahuas make both excellent watchdogs and lapdogs, a combination that can’t be found anywhere else. Their big temperament, combined with small size and easy maintenance, is what makes their vast popularity.

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