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Pope Francis Prays For Ukraine Still Bombarded In ‘Sacrilegious War’



Pope Francis Prays For Ukraine Still Bombarded In 'Sacrilegious War'

During the Angelus at Floriana, Malta, Pope Francis asked all people to pray for peace as the war continues in the ‘martyred Ukraine’

While giving his message to the faithful at the end of a mass in Malta on Sunday morning, Pope Francis referred to the country of Ukraine as “martyred” and Russia’s ongoing invasion as “sacrilegious”.

He asked the faithful, in addition to holding Ukrainian flags at the service, to pray “for peace, considering the humanitarian situation in martyred Ukraine, which continues to be bombed in a sacrilegious war. May we be diligent in our prayers and in helping those who are in need.”.

On Sunday, Pope Francis concludes his two-day visit to the Mediterranean island and is expected to return back to Rome.

Holy See’s offer to mediate

Earlier this week, Pope Francis told journalists during a press conference that a trip to Ukraine “is on the table” for the moment.

Asked by a reporter on Saturday if he was considering visiting Kyiv, Pope Francis replied after a long pause in which he said, “Yes, it is definitely on the table.”.

Although Pope Francis has not yet visited Ukraine as a result of Russia’s invasion, he has shown his support for Ukrainian refugees and has called for an end to the conflict.
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