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Policeman Surrenders After Shooting at City Bus Over Road Rage

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An unknown man who fired shots at bus passengers in Bangkok on Tuesday has been identified as a junior policeman. He has surrendered to the police the same day.

He has been charged with attempted murder, burglary, and assault a police source said.

Clips of the incident were posted on the conductor’s Facebook after the incident. In the video, the motorcyclist was seen cutting in front of a bus carrying people wearing an orange jacket and jeans.

He then approached the bus driver and said something to him before returning to his vehicle to pick up a gun.

As soon as the bus driver saw that he was armed, he sped off. The motorcyclist then followed the bus and fired one shot at the driver. Thankfully nobody was injured. The incident occurred in the Bang Chan area of Bangkok.

The bus driver and conductor, both of whom recorded the incident, gave statements at the Bang Chan police station on Thursday.

The incident occurred on Nov 30 according to Mr Kornwit. They told police that the motorcycle rider suddenly cut in front of them forcing the bus to a stop.

Policeman facing serious charges

A man approached the bus driver and asked him if the emissions were within legal limits. The driver replied that they were within the limits. Mr Kornwit told him that he didn’t know and suggested he speak with his boss for more information.

An argument ensued. The driver said that the man went back to his motorcycle and came back with a gun.

Mr Kornwit then asked the passengers to get off the bus. As he drove on, the man followed him to a bus stop opposite Fashion Island shopping mall where he fired one shot. The bullet struck the side mirror, according to the bus driver. When the motorcyclist saw him turn left and take Navamin Road, he stopped chasing him and headed towards the Bang Khen intersection.

Chief of the Metropolitan Police Division 4, Pol Maj Gen Pornchai Khajornklin, said on Thursday that the driver and conductor of the bus filed a complaint shortly after the incident.

Based on a check on the license plate of the motorcycle, the shooter was identified as Pol Ltcpl Kampanaart Chaiyakarn, 28. After the shooting, the suspect turned himself in to the police.

Pol Col Wasu Chuephut of the Bang Chan Police Department said the suspect admitted that he had fired the shot as a result of stress after arguing with his girlfriend.

The policeman was charged with attempted murder, bringing a gun into a public place, and firing it unreasonably. Furthermore, disciplinary action was taken by his superiors as a result of the investigation.

Investigators later released the officer since he showed no sign of fleeing and had a permanent residence, Thai media reported.

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