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Police Injured in Roadside Bomb Attack in Southern Thailand

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A roadside bomb has injured 3 policemen, one seriously after it exploded in Southern Thailand’s Yala province, peppering their patrol pickup with shrapnel, on Monday, Nov 1.

Yala Police said the bomb attack occurred around 10 am as the pickup was passing Moo 3 village, in tambon Kae Ro of Yala. The bomb was buried on the roadside and was allegedly detonated remotely, police said.

The explosion, which struck the left side of the truck, Pol Sr Sgt Maj Seksan Chaiman, Pol L/Cpl Haleem Hadlo and Pol L/Cpl Nurdin Chete were injured.

Pol L/Cpl Nurdin was seriously wounded and was rushed to Hospital in Yala. The other two were admitted to Raman Hospital where doctors attended to their injuries.

On October 3rd, six insurgents and a Thai army lieutenant were killed in a gunbattle in Thailand’s Deep South province of Narathiwat. Government forces surrounded the suspected rebels in a local swamp, military officials said.

After the army lieutenant was killed in fighting sporadic shooting dragged on into the late morning. The bodies of the insurgents were also retrieved from the site of the firefight.

The same day two soldiers were injured when a roadside bomb exploded as they and other soldiers were patrolling on foot in Yala province. They were deployed to inspect a CCTV camera that alleged insurgents had tampered with.

The wounded soldiers were taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening conditions, security officials said.

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