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Police Charge Couple Who Hid Dead Toddler in Refrigerator

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Police Detain couple After 2 Year-Old Boy Found Dead in Refrigerator

Police have charged a man and his wife in connection with their concealing the remains of a two-year-old toddler in a refrigerator. The suspects were charged with concealing the body and failing to notify the death of the child to the police.

The police have also made allegations of drug offences against the spouse. Yesterday, the Nonthaburi Provincial Court received additional testimony from Mr Harnnarong Praiphanom, 31, and his spouse, Marisa Thong-iam, 25.

The parents of the deceased child are both incarcerated and completing a mandatory drug rehabilitation program. According to police, they asked the couple to care for their son.

The Husband, Mr. Harnnarong, has maintained his innocence, citing the autopsy results, which validated the boy’s demise as a result of choking on sticky rice.

Considering his volatile temperament, his grandmother and sister abstained from posting his bond.

Ms. Marisa’s mother, on the other hand, maintained that the two suspects never murdered the boy on purpose, stating that they both had affection for the child. She stated that, at the time, the suspects had no connection to narcotics.

Ms Marisa was reportedly sleeping with the toddler and woke up to find the child was dead.

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She observed ant infestations near his palms and eyes and sticky rice in his mouth. She asserted that upon her husband’s return home, he placed the deceased boy in the refrigerator.

A medical team, police, forensic officials, and rescue workers were dispatched to a Rattanathibet Road housing estate on Saturday. Upon arrival, they discovered the corpse of a boy stuffed inside a refrigerator in the bedroom of a two-story townhouse.

A noxious odour from within the residence had prompted the phone to ring with the police.

Both suspects had asserted their innocence as the autopsy results released on Sunday confirmed that the boy choked to death while eating glutinous rice. However, the boy’s sisters stated that they did not believe the autopsy results and suggested that the boy had sustained numerous bruises.

Monday marked the cremation of the boy’s remains at Wat Phai Luang in the Bang Bua Thong neighborhood of Nonthaburi.

Abuse of children is an urgent problem in Thailand that requires immediate attention and action. Physical, emotional, and sexual abuse are among the many forms of maltreatment that numerous children in Thailand endure, according to research.

Due to factors including shame, dread, and ignorance regarding available support resources, these incidents frequently go unreported. After the occurrence of child abuse, the victims may endure enduring physical and mental repercussions.

A multifaceted strategy is required to resolve this issue, including increasing public awareness, providing victims with support and resources, and enforcing more stringent laws to safeguard the most vulnerable members of society.

Collaboration among the community, government, and non-profit organizations is of the utmost importance to establish a secure environment for children in Thailand, wherein they may flourish and develop free from the peril of maltreatment.

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