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Police Arrest 42 People, Including 3 Baccarat Dealers For Illegal Gambling

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A police raid on a 4-star resort hotel in the resort town of Pattaya, Thailand has led to the arrest of 42 people for gambling on Tuesday night.

The Pattaya Police Department, led by Pol Col Kulachart Kulchai, armed with a search warrant from the Pattaya District Court converged on the Le Vernissage Hotel at approximately 8:30 pm

Police officers allegedly detained 42 people playing Baccarat, including the dealers. None of the gamblers or the dealers was wearing face masks.

A total of 500 million baht in gambling equipment was seized as evidence including Baccarat tables, sets of cards, chips and other items.

Additionally, three guns were seized from the dealers. A closed-circuit camera and a video surveillance camera installed in the room were impounded by police for examination.

Legal proceedings were pending against all of the gambling participants and dealers. The dealers are facing firearms charges.

Thailand’s Betting Laws

There is almost no gambling in Thailand, and it has been illegal since 1935. In the prelude to World War II when Thailand’s betting laws were made, online gambling still represented science fiction. The remote sector is still prohibited in Thailand to this day.

Thai residents and tourists visiting the country can only legally partake in two types of gambling: the national lotteries and specifically licensed horse racing events.

In Thailand, the police are tasked with monitoring illegal gambling. There are regular incidents of people being fined or jailed for hosting or playing in illegal gambling events.


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