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Police add Additional Charges against Red Bull Heir

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20120905.105821 20120905 bkk

Red Bull heir accused of Ferrari crash that killed officer


BANGKOK – Thai police have pressed drunken driving and speeding charges against the Red Bull energy drink heir accused of killing a police officer in a Ferrari crash.

Police Lt. Col. Akarawin Sukhonthawit said Wednesday that 27-year-old Vorayuth Yoovidhya appeared at a Bangkok police station last week to hear the additional charges. Police charged him with causing death by reckless driving and escaping an arrest after the hit-and-run wreck in early September.

Akarawin said police did not accuse Vorayuth of using drugs even though blood tests found cocaine. Police say they will finish their investigation and turn it over to prosecutors soon.

Vorayuth is the grandson of the Red Bull creator. His family was ranked fourth richest in Thailand this year by Forbes magazine with a net worth of $5.4 billion.