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Planking Fad Comes To Thailand



The craze, where everyone lies face down in the most unusual places, has hit the interwebs faster than anyone can comprehend.


Planking is the art of lying straight on your stomach as flat as you can and getting your picture taken, that is planking. People are taking Planking to extreme heights trying to outdo each other in the ultimate test of Planking. In Thailand it’s only just starting to catch on but already there is a Planking Thailand Facebook page and has even made it to the newspapers.

Planking started in Australia a few months ago where Australians have taken it to extremes where there are a number of fatalities where people have died trying to Plank at extreme heights. One person fell from a 4 story balcony and died as a result of Planking. Nobody yet has died in Thailand from Planking, but I say Yet because it’s bound to happen.

Nobody knows for sure how far Planking is going to Go but in Thailand people get obsessed over trends and the internet is widely used in Thailand. So Planking is going to be one of those things in Thailand where everyone tries to do it. Don’t be surprised if you’re on a sky train and someone lies down and people take photo’s that’s what Planking is about.

The Mental Health Department has advised parents to supervise their children when “planking”, warning that the fad could be dangerous.

Director general of the Mental Health Department, Doctor Apichai Mongkol, has commented on “planking”, the latest fad in which participants lie face down with both hands touching the side of their body in unusual or incongruous locations and then post the photos of their acts on the internet.

Culture Minister condemns planking  read more….

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