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“Shocking Video” 2-Year-Old Toddler Brutally Attacked By Pit Bull

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A two-year-old toddler was severely injured after an untethered pit bull savagely attacked him in Pattaya. The boy needed 200 stitches and is now in intensive care.

On social media, a video clip went viral showing a dog mauling a young child while out walking with his babysitter.

According to two witnesses, Mr. Somkiat, 67, and Mr. Jet, 39, the incident took place at 4 pm on Monday when the babysitter went out for a walk with two boys ages 2 and 4.

The pit bull’s owner had left the gate open after taking out the garbage as the babysitter and two children passed by her home.

They were suddenly attacked by her 70-kilogram pit bull. The babysitter and the 4-year-old managed to escape the pit bull, however, the 2-year-old wasn’t so lucky.

After several minutes, the dog was finally detached from the two-year-old by the babysitter, the dog’s owner, and some bystanders. Pattaya police were called to the scene while the boy was being rushed to the hospital.

Toddler in Stable Condition

Overall, 200 stitches were needed to repair the boy’s broken jaw, cheek wounds, and head injuries.

Currently, his condition is stable and he is recovering in hospital. As a result of the violent attack, the toddlers’ parents filed charges with the Pattaya police department.

The pit bull’s owner is married to a foreigner who is currently working overseas. The house has since been shuttered with no sign of residents or the pit bull.

Pit Bull Attacks 8-year-old girl

On May 17, The Thaiger reported that an 8-year-old girl was seriously injured after she was attacked by her family’s Pit Bull in Samut Prakan province in central Thailand. The child said she was skateboarding in the kitchen when the Pit Bull suddenly attacked her and repeatedly bit her head and hands.

The girl was found sitting on a paint bucket in a pool of blood at her family home. There were two dog bites on her head, measuring about 2 cm and 4 cm in length. In Thai media, it was reported that the Pit Bull had “chewed” her left hand.

The little girl’s father said he was lying down when he heard his daughter screaming and his dog barking. He rushed into the kitchen and got the dog off his daughter and called an ambulance for help.

First aid was administered to the child at the scene, she was then taken to Phra Samut Chedi Hospital for further treatment.

In March, two children narrowly escaped when three Pit Bulls broke into their family home and killed their cat in western Thailand’s Kanchanaburi province.

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