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Pit Bull Attacks 3, Including Grandmother During Family Dinner



Pit Bull Attacks 3, Including Grandmother During Family Dinner

A 70-year-old grandmother and her 2 grandchildren were attacked and seriously injured by their 2-year-old male pit bull while enjoying a meal at their home in central Thailand’s Samut Prakan district.

According to rescue workers, two women and one man were found with multiple bite wounds on their arms and legs in their one-story house after being alerted about the attack around 10.30pm.

Ms. Chamras Khenwongsa, 70, her granddaughter Sarinthip, 25, and her grandson Chonlathep, 27, were among those injured. They treated by rescue workers before being transported to Samut Prakan Hospital.

Mr. Nikhom Khenwongsa, the house’s owner, said his family raised two male pit bulls. One was two years old, and the other was seven months old.

He said that the 2-year-old pit bull, Peepo, had shown no signs of aggression and was friendly to all family members.

The four family members were eating grilled pork in front of their house before the attack.

Ms Sarinthip was arguing with her elder brother Chonlathep over an electrical plug for grilled pork while eating. The loud noise may have scared Peepo, and their pet pit bull unexpectedly attacked Ms Sarinthip. Peepo then attacked her grandmother after she intervened.

According to Mr Nikhom, Mr Chonlathep attempted to pull the dog away, but he was also attacked. Other family members on the scene were able to quickly lock the dog in its cage and alert rescue workers.

Following the attack, the family stated that they were still terrified and did not want to raise pit bulls for their own safety. The family stated that they would give the pit bull to anyone who wanted to raise it.

Pit Bull Laws in Thailand

Thai law requires dog owners to keep their pets restrained at all times. There is growing concern in Thailand about an increase in incidents involving pit bull dogs, with a long list of deaths and horrific injuries linked to the breed or crossbreeds of this type of dog.

The Royal Thai police have issued a warning to all dog owners in Thailand, particularly those who own pit bull breeds, to fulfill their legal obligation to treat the dogs properly while exercising control and restraint over them.

Pit bull owners in Thailand may face severe civil and criminal penalties if they fail to properly care for their animals and ensure that they do not pose a danger to others.

Section 377 of the Thai Criminal Code imposes a one-month prison sentence and a $10,000 fine on any owner who fails to restrain potentially dangerous or ferocious animals.

However, if the animal causes harm to others, the owner could face up to three years in prison and a $60,000 fine under another section.

Other criminal code provisions could result in up to ten years in prison for the owner of an animal that causes the death of another person through negligence.

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