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Pattaya Introduces Free Condom Machine Named “Love Bang, Love Safe”



(CTN NEWS) – PATTAYA – As of yesterday, condoms were placed in vending machines in Pattaya, located in the Chon Buri region of eastern Thailand, making sex in Sin City a little safer.

The program is a part of the National Health Security Office’s new “Love Bang Love Safety” campaign, which seeks to combat teenage pregnancies and STDs.

The initiative is being tested in Pattaya, the world’s sex capital, with the potential to grow if it is successful.

The Laem Bali Hai Pier and Pattaya City Hospital were the first two locations in the city where three vending machines selling four sizes of condoms had been set up shop, according to the mayor of Pattaya.

Thai gold card holders can order various types of contraception and emergency contraception through the NHSO’s Paotang app, which they can access at the nearby NHSO service kiosk.

The NHSO’s secretary-general, Dr. Chadet Thammatcha-aree, said…

“There are two ways to obtain the 94,566,600 condoms that the NHSO has prepared for distribution.

“First, holders of gold cards can sign up on the Paotang application, submit a request, and pick up the condoms from the service kiosk closest to their residence. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can register at the condom service kiosk.

Alternatively, use your ID card to verify your identification at a Pattaya condom vending machine.”

The idea has drawn criticism for being out of reach for some people that may benefit from it.

The project, according to the deputy director of the Friends of Sex Workers Foundation (SWING), is a nice idea but doesn’t meet everyone’s demands because of the identity evidence requirement.

He said that sex workers would want to purchase condoms covertly.

Vending machines offering ATK test kits began to appear throughout Thailand during the outbreak.

In vending machines in Thailand, you can buy everything from ice cream to instant noodles, snacks, drinks, CBD-infused coffee, SIM cards, and electronic devices.


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