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Park Ranger Shoots Himself After Stabbing Colleague

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Forest Ranger Shoots Himself After Stabbing Colleague

During a quarrel between two park rangers in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, on Thursday, a park ranger stabbed a fellow ranger with a knife before killing himself.

According to an official, an army helicopter was being sent to remove the dead and injured rangers from the forest on Friday morning.

According to sources, forest ranger Mr. Khathawut Klomkliew died of a gunshot wound, while park ranger Mr. Phakphum Makern was injured by a knife. They both worked at Khao Laem National Park.

Mr.Thewin Meesap, the chief of Khao Laem National Park, requested an airlift for the two men after being informed of the incident. A team of police and doctors were on board the helicopter.

Helicopters were unable to land in the deep jungle valley where the accident occurred. The area was being cleared for the helicopter to land. Rescue workers and officials from the national park went to the site on foot on Thursday night.

As part of a team of foreign researchers, the rangers installed camera traps to study the movement of Bengal tigers.

The two forest rangers became involved in a heated argument, according to initial reports. Khathawut shot himself after stabbing his colleague.

A police source told the Chiang Rai Times there is no indication of why the argument occurred.


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