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Parents In Gaza Have Died, And Their Children Mourn



Parents In Gaza Have Died, And Their Children Mourn

(CTN News) – Laila al-Sultan, 7, lost both parents to Israeli air strikes during the Gaza war, including her father, who died in that attack.

Their mother struggles to cope amid rubble of a ruined enclave with no father in a shanty in a tent city for homeless people. As Khaled bounced up and down on Laila’s lap as they sat, Khaled said, “Daddy went to heaven and he’s very happy.”

War in Gaza has devastated children. It has been confirmed that 23,357 people have died, about 40% of them under 18. Many survivors lost their homes. Shelters are in schools, tents and shanties, or families live in single rooms in still-standing houses. Children in Gaza are always hungry because there’s so little food.

The challenges are huge,” said Ahmed Majdalani, the Palestinian Social Development Minister. Besides her injury, Laila has scars on her face and foot. Rafah’s sand is littered with laundry.

They feel sadness – and fear – in the midst of an Israeli bombing Gaza campaign. As much as fish and skies and everything, Laila loved her dad, who would take her to the park and to the zoo.

It was my dad… My uncle Awad, Ibrahim, Suhaib, and Baha were killed. We were all injured, and I have a leg injury.”

One 13-year-old boy in Rafah cried while stoking a fire under a cooking pot and remembered his dead father. Thru tears, he said, “My mom can’t handle all these worries and burdens alone.”


Grieving Gazan kids worried about their future. A war-torn life has already made them grow up.

As well as cooking, he assisted my mother with her studies. As she walked among the tents with her younger brother Osama, 9, she listened to the music. “He used to be my favorite,” Osama recalled. “He used to be my favorite.”.

Still, bombs keep dropping. Several people, including children, were killed in Rafah’s Tal al-Sultan district on Tuesday night. According to Israel, its war goal is to destroy Hamas, which launched a surprise attack across the border on Oct. 7, killing more than 1,200 people, mostly civilians.

It says it limits harm to civilians and accuses Gaza Hamas of trying to increase dead by hiding among ordinary people, a charge it denies. It’ll take months for the war to end.

Ahmed Jarbou remembers losing his father with his mother. They took cover on the fourth floor of his uncle’s building during the attack.

Jarbou, 12, said, “My cousin was martyred. He flew out of the window on the fourth floor and crashed to the ground. My brother’s legs were amputated… and my dad fell kneeling to the ground and died.”


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