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Palestinian Prime Minister “Mohammad Shtayyeh” Announces Government Resignation

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(CTN News) –  In a significant development for the Palestinian Authority, Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh tendered his resignation along with his cabinet on Monday, as reported by the authority’s official news agency.

This decision comes amidst diplomatic endeavors involving the United States and Arab states, notably Saudi Arabia, aiming to facilitate a revamp within the authority, potentially paving the way for its governance of Gaza post-war.

However, uncertainties loom over whether Shtayyeh’s resignation alone will suffice to restructure the authority or convince Israel to permit its administration of Gaza.

President Mahmoud Abbas, the paramount leader of the authority, will retain his position along with his security apparatus.

Following the acceptance of Shtayyeh’s resignation, Abbas has requested him to continue as caretaker prime minister until a successor is appointed.

Israeli authorities have hinted strongly against allowing the current leadership of the authority to govern Gaza.

Focus on New Governmental and Political Arrangements

It was anticipated that new leadership might render Israel more amenable to relinquishing administrative control of Gaza to the authority—an aspect Shtayyeh addressed in his resignation statement.

“The next stage and its challenges require new governmental and political arrangements that take into account the emerging reality in the Gaza Strip,” Shtayyeh remarked, according to the authority’s news agency, Wafa.

He underscored the imperative of extending the Palestinian Authority’s sovereignty over all Palestinian territories.

With no operational parliament within the authority’s jurisdiction, Abbas remains its central figure, irrespective of Shtayyeh’s departure. Abbas has historically governed by decree, wielding considerable influence over the judiciary and prosecution systems.

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Prime ministers operate under Abbas’s authority, with limited autonomy.

According to informed diplomats, Abbas favors Mohammad Mustafa, a longstanding economic adviser and member of his inner circle, as the next prime minister. However, analysts foresee it could take weeks before a successor is designated.

By retaining Shtayyeh as a caretaker, Abbas appears to be buying time, as Ibrahim Dalalsha, director of the Horizon Center for Political Studies and Media Outreach in Ramallah, West Bank, suggests.

Abbas’s Continued Influence Amid Shtayyeh’s Resignation

This move allows Abbas to demonstrate to international stakeholders his commitment to reform while deferring substantive changes, granting him additional time to garner support for Mustafa.

Dalalsha elucidated, “Many governments around the world — including Arab governments — have conditioned their financial support to the P.A. on creating a new Palestinian government that is accountable, that is efficient, that is inclusive.”

The establishment of a caretaker government, though not instigating immediate alterations, signifies a willingness to progress politically, Dalalsha added.

The Palestinian Authority, conceived during the Oslo peace process in the 1990s, was envisioned as the prospective government of a future state.

However, with the collapse of the peace process and the non-materialization of a state, the authority was left with limited autonomy in a fraction of the West Bank.

Twenty-five years later, public opinion polls depict Palestinians viewing the authority predominantly as authoritarian and corrupt.

While many Israelis criticize the authority for inadequately addressing Palestinian terrorism, Palestinians perceive its security services as an extension of Israel’s security apparatus due to their regular crackdowns on militants and dissidents.

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