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[VIDEO] Pakistani Woman Harassed Over Attire With Arabic Prints Sparks Outcry

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(CTN News) – A widely circulated video on social media captured a distressing scene in Lahore, Pakistan, where a woman found herself besieged by a group of individuals due to her attire adorned with Arabic prints.

The footage revealed her sitting in a restaurant, her hands shielding her face from the hostile crowd.

Prompt intervention by a woman police officer averted potential violence, as she implored the agitated crowd to maintain calm and facilitated the woman’s safe departure from the tumultuous scene.

The Punjab Police took to social media platform X to commend the courageous actions of ASP Syeda Shehrbano Naqvi, the resolute SDPO of Gulbarg Lahore, who risked her own safety to rescue the woman amidst the chaotic situation.

Recognizing her valor, the Punjab Police proposed her nomination for the esteemed Quaid-e-Azam Police Medal (QPM), the highest distinction for law enforcement valor in Pakistan.

Subsequently, the woman police officer shed light on the incident, elucidating that the woman and her husband were out shopping when the unfortunate ordeal unfolded.

The woman had innocently donned a kurta adorned with innocuous Arabic script, which sparked confusion and unwarranted aggression among onlookers.

Pakistani Woman Sincere Apology

In a gesture of conciliation, the woman expressed remorse for the incident, conveying her sincere apology in a video shared online.

She clarified that her choice of attire was purely aesthetic, with no intention to offend religious sentiments, and expressed regret for any unintended distress caused.

The incident sparked a wave of contemplation and critique on social media, with users expressing concern over the escalating trend of mob mentality and religious intolerance in the country.

Some questioned the underlying motives behind such incidents, pondering whether they served as distractions or tools of manipulation in the political landscape.

Amidst the discourse, voices condemning the unjust treatment of the woman resonated, with many emphasizing the need to foster tolerance and understanding in a society increasingly plagued by sectarian tensions.

The incident underscored the imperative for concerted efforts to promote inclusivity and respect for diverse beliefs within the societal fabric


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