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Nun Raises Money to Save Buffalo after it Goes on Rampage



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An albino water buffalo caused a four-vehicle accident after it went on a rampage in northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai city police report. The rampaging water buffalo went on a stampede, rushing at people at a gas station, a hotel and a cellular phone shop. Two of the hotel’s staff were injured before the water buffalo was finally contained.

Since the incident occurred, Phiraya Panyaissra, 53, a nun and owner of the ‘Garden for Animals’ shelter in central Thailand, visited the injured parties and offered 100,000 baht for the water buffalo’s safety.

Police say that the owner of the buffalo have 30 days in which to present themselves. If the water buffalo’s owners don’t appear they will auction it off at the end of the 30 day period. The proceeds raised will go towards the damages the albino buffalo caused.

The albino buffalo will soon be moved to the Chiang Mai University Veterinary Hospital. Its fate will be determined at the end of the 30 day period.

Buffalo are afraid of death too

Following a brief inspection, it was found that the albino water buffalo suffered from some injury to its leg. Nun Phiraya has offered to pay the cost of all of the veterinarian bills. She has also offered to pay one hotel staff 3,000 baht for their minor injuries. Police estimate damage from the raging bull incident to be around 47,000 baht.

Nun Phiraya told CityNews that she had raised 100,000 baht from the public which she will use to assure the safety and life of the animal. However, she fears it may not be enough.

She said that she has found a home for the animal in Thailand’s Lamphun province where it can live freely until its natural death. “Animals in the animal kingdom are afraid of death too, just like us,” she said. “So it’s our duty to do whatever we can do to help alleviate any animals suffering.”

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