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No Leaving Phuket Without Fit-to-Travel Certificates

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People wishing to leave Phuket must register online by May 8 to obtain fit-to-travel certificates, health authorities said on Saturday.

The announcement followed a chaotic Friday when hundreds of vehicles attempted to leave Phuket. On Friday afternoon, authorities announced that no more people would be allowed to leave until Sunday.

When outbound road travel is allowed to resume, every driver must show a fit-to-travel certificates at Tha Chatchai, where the island links with the mainland.

Phuket Governor Phakaphong Tavipatana said authorities were trying to help the thousands of people left stranded when the province closed. Banning both entry and exit, to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Many of those stuck on the island lost their jobs and now they want to return to their home provinces.

Governor Phakaphong sought advice from the Interior Ministry on how to manage the exodus. Officials there said Phuket authorities must provide destination provinces with a list of returnees.

The province must also issue a document to guarantee that those on the list have been screened by disease control officials. Even more proof they have been in self-quarantine in Phuket for 14 days before their travel.

Authorities have opened online registration via for those wanting to leave Phuket.

People are required to enter their 13-digit national ID or passport number and personal information. Furthermore their destination and vehicle details. Once approved, they will receive fit-to-travel certificates.

They have to show this certificate to leave the island

Authorities have opened online registration via

People can also register and receive the certificates at the Muang, Kathu and Thalang district offices, and the tambon Sri Soonthon and Wichit municipal offices.

About 40,000 people have registered so far to leave the island, according to Pol Maj Gen Rungroj Thakoorpunyasiri, the Phuket police chief.

As large crowds gathered at Tha Chatchai on Saturday afternoon to seek permission to leave for their home provinces, about 100 police including anti-riot officers were deployed to keep order.

Pol Maj Gen Rungroj sought cooperation from the public, reiterating that everyone must register online and print out forms to be signed by representatives of the governor and public health chief. Once they present approved forms at Tha Chatchai, they will receive a queue number for onward travel.

Authorities’ original plan was to allow a maximum of 5,000 people to leave the island each day.

Phuket remains closed to entry by outsiders, and Phuket International Airport is closed until May 15.

Source: Bangkok Post