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The new Google Play logo is Ridiculously Similar to the Old One



Old Google Play logo. More pointy. Credit: Google

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Google Play Store, which is a very interesting fact.

No, I don’t think so. It is important to note that the original Android app store was actually launched in August 2008 as Android Market, just a month after Apple introduced its own App Store. It must be mentioned, however, that Google Play came into existence as a result of the combination of several other services, such as Google Music and Google eBookstore.

In March of 2012, Google rebranded all of the above into a unified service called Google Play in order to simplify the user experience. In spite of this, Google will be celebrating Google Play’s birthday on July 25th, making today the service’s 10th anniversary, for some reason (we asked why and will update this article as soon as we hear back). I find this strange, but it’s alright.

As part of the celebration for the occasion, Google has introduced a brand new logo for Google Play, and at first, I had to squint really hard to see the difference between the old logo and the new one. The reason for that is because the new logo, just like the old one, still consists of a right-pointing arrow that is surrounded by green, blue, red, and orange shapes that overlap to create a combination of green, blue, red, and orange colors.

Google Play logo, now with less gradient. Credit: Google

Google Play logo, now with less gradient. Credit: Google

There are, however, a few differences between the two. Compared to the old logo, the new one has slightly duller corners, and the color scheme is uniform instead of gradient, which makes it look more professional. My views on this change are that it is not a particularly exciting change, but it’s a part of a recent design trend at Google (as well as other web companies) that aims to simplify and make everything as flat as possible.

Old Google Play logo. More pointy. Credit: Google

Old Google Play logo. More pointy. Credit: Google

As part of the Play Points program, Google is also offering some benefits for Play Points members, who will be able to earn 10 times the amount of points when making purchases with Play Points starting July 25. For those of you who have never heard of Play Points, they are a reward system that allows you to earn points when you make purchases, which can then be redeemed for certain in-app items or Google Play Credits, which in turn can be used for renting movies or purchasing audiobooks. 

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