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Modern Showroom



Modern Showroom

Modern Showroom since 1997 promotes, exhibits and sells new and coming International contemporary premium Brands making clothing, accessories, bags, shoes. We can guarantee great visibility into the fashion network: creating Branding and Marketing strategies for each new Fashion Designer to strike our buyers through smart actions in which of the following points:

Modern Showroom

Modern Showroom

  • Display the collection physically I our Modern Showroom Multi labels
  • Display up to product gallery in our platform;
  • Creation of 3D gallery;
  • Making a mini video
  • Restricted content area;
  • Direct E-mail marketing;
  • Landing page with order sheet;
  • Buyers meeting with live stream demo;
  • Meeting with buyers face to face;
  • Sales support with our staff;
modern showroom

modern showroom

Moreover, we are active with the networks, press presentations and trunk shows, pop up shops to better explain new products directly to the final customers. Our goals are to focus the buying interest on a new range of BUSINESS to BUSINESS online offers. We are not looking for success but for value!

In the globalized fashion market, the mission of my clients is my goal!

modern showroom

modern showroom

Our goal as a Modern Showroom is to connect our Brands with Buyers, give them the exposure they deserve and open doors in Europe and internationally.

We are based in Milan in the heart of the shopping district.


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