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Models Handing Out Free Coffee Create Headache for Police

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Models Handing Out Free Coffee Creates Headache for Police
Two models in Chiang Mai were asked to stop handing out free canned coffee to keep drivers alert during the New Year holiday because what they were wearing was causing a traffic jam.
The Pretties dressed in heels and tight dresses, which is typically considered provocative in Thai culture the women stood at a police checkpoint handing out free canned coffee.

“The two models were sent by a sushi buffet restaurant in Hang Dong district, of Chiang Mai which had expressed an interest in joining the police’s road-safety campaign during the New Year holidays.

The restaurant, however, did not police in advance that they were sending the provocatively dressed models.

The two models handing out cans of coffee to motorists soon went viral on Thai social media and sparked anger among some netizens.

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The police chief was forced to release an online statement saying the women weren’t hired for their road safety campaign after the women caused so much attention.

“This campaign aims to promote road safety by giving out free coffee to motorists so they don’t feel drowsy behind the wheel. Along with private partners, volunteers from organizations and the general public participated in the road safety campaign.”The statement continued on to say that following an inspection of the checkpoint, Chiang Mai’s deputy police chief ordered the two women to stop what they were doing.

He also instructed officers and volunteers to strictly follow traffic laws.

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