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‘Missing’ Body Of Frenchman found in Southern Thailand



'Missing' Body Of Frenchman found in Southern Thailand

(CTN News) – The 34-year-old Frenchman tourist’s corpse was discovered in a fissure on the side of Phanthurat Mountain in Surat Thani province, south of Thailand after he went missing on Saturday.

It is said that Gollio Cyrit Tizzlano fell into the steep gorge after falling from a rock. To remove his corpse, police indicated they would need to abseil down the hillside, which would take a while.

The visitor, a guest at Khao Sok Holiday Resort, vanished on Saturday after telling someone he was going trekking. When he didn’t check out of the resort on Tuesday, authorities reported him missing even though his possessions were still there.

It is believed that the Frenchman lost his footing while searching for his drone and fell down the cliff. Tizzlano contacted “Uncle Sa-gna,” a construction worker at a neighbouring temple, between 3 and 4 o’clock and paid him 2,000 baht to assist in his search for his drone, which the tourist said he had crashed on the mountain.

Uncle Sa-gna, on the other hand, said he could not climb the mountain, so Tizzlano set off on his own. He wasn’t seen again after that.

The Frenchman’s search party, which was momentarily suspended due to poor weather at 5pm yesterday and restarted early this morning, attracted hundreds of new participants.

The search team discovered Tizzlano’s corpse at 12 p.m. today after police followed the signal from his phone to the cliff from where he fell.

The French embassy will be contacted by the police, who will then tell Tizzlano’s family of his passing and arrange for the corpse to be returned to France.

Peace be upon him.

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