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Melbourne Cattle Dog Buddy Head of 100 Elephants.



In a universally unique relationship, the stumpy-tailed cattle dog plays his favorite game of footy with the playful pachyderms and bathes and swims to stay cool with his best friends.

But when he nips at their ankles to keep them in line, the cheeky elephants grab his leash to instead lead him around and they tease him by tickling him with their trunks.

Buddy has been on an amazing adventure living at the Elephant stay sanctuary in Thailand since being adopted from the Lost Dogs’ Home six years ago.

While other cattle dogs contend with sheep or cattle, Buddy helps care for one of the biggest animals on earth.

Former Melbourne animal lovers Michelle Reedy and Ewa Narkiewicz said their hound’s sharp learning curve in an alien environment on foreign soil had been hair-raising.

“From the moment they unloaded him from the plane it’s been hilarious,” Ms Narkiewicz said.

“The baby elephants are really inquisitive and they go up to him and blow air along the hairs on his back.

“He chases them back to their moms for safety. Then curiosity gets the better of them and they go back and have another go.”

Now 12, Buddy has adopted his own Thai girlfriend, Little Girl, who never leaves his side.

A former Zoos Victoria senior keeper, Ms Reedy was joined by Ms Narkiewicz in establishing the Elephant stay project.

But like much of the country, their prized sanctuary has been flooded and they are homeless and living with their elephants and Buddy on the streets.

They have appealed to Australians to help. Their home on stilts has been under water for more than a month and they fear nothing will be salvageable.

By Kelly Ryan
Herald Sun

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