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Medical Clinic Doctor Investigated for Molesting Female Patients

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The Medical Council of Thailand has stepped in to investigate claims of sexual touching by a woman patient who claims that a doctor rubbed his genitalia against her bottom during treatment at a local medical clinic.

The alleged victim posted details on her Facebook account, Omber OmOm.

There was a reference to the post on the popular Facebook page, Mor Lab Panda (Lab Doctor Panda). In her post, the woman described how she went to see her doctor for treatment of tonsillitis that deteriorated on May 3.

However, the doctor was away, so she decided to visit another doctor at a medical clinic near her house. However, she did not specify where the medical clinic was.

At the medical clinic, the woman reported that she was ushered into a room where she was asked to remove her pants so the doctor could administer a treatment shot to her backside.

The woman said she was alone with the doctor and was surprised by the recommendation for a buttocks injection, as she usually gets shots in the As well, he requested that she lie on her side facing the wall with her buttocks facing him.

While he was giving her a shot, the doctor moved towards her buttocks and squeezed her waist, which she didn’t believe was part of the treatment procedure.

The medical clinic doctor rubbed his genitalia against her

She said the doctor then allegedly leaned over and she could feel his genitals rubbing against her butt.

According to another woman, the same thing happened to her. However, according to Mor Lab Panda, she said she had no evidence other than a short video clip of the doctor standing too close to her.

The woman was concerned that the clip was insufficient evidence against the doctor. Therefore, she decided to share her story on social media. Then eight other women came forward, claiming that the doctor had molested them similarly.

Dr. Itthaporn Kanacharoen, the MCT secretary-general, said the council will investigate once victims file a formal complaint.

According to Dr. Kanacharoen, the council couldn’t act upon unsubstantiated reports posted on social media, so more information would be needed.

According to him, the council cannot mount a criminal investigation, which is the responsibility of the police. When a doctor is found guilty of a medical ethics violation, he or she can lose his or her medical license.

Those victims may file a complaint either with the police or with the council, or both. Complainants will be treated fairly, and their information will be kept strictly confidential.

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