Pumpkin 1161 Kilograms in Weight to be Carved Into World’s largest Jack-o’-lantern



(CTN News) – With the Celtic celebration of Halloween just around the horizon, a huge pumpkin that weighs a staggering 2,560 pounds has been converted into the biggest jack-o-lantern in the world. The pumpkin, called Maverick, was raised by Minnesota-based grower Travis Gienger.

The character Tom Cruise portrayed in the popular film Top Gun is where the giant squash gets its name.

After participating in the World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off in Half Moon Bay, California, earlier this month, it also holds the record for being the biggest pumpkin in the US. Later, it was returned to Gienger’s home in Anoka, Minnesota.

The pumpkin has been expertly transformed into an eagle at Anoka City Hall. It is on display during a gathering sponsored by Anoka Halloween, which refers to the town as the “Halloween Capital of the World.”

Jeremy McFarland of Anoka Halloween told KMSP-TV, “This is fantastic to bring the awareness to producing gigantic pumpkins, which provides recognition to Halloween, which is what Anoka is all about.

Internet reacts to the giant pumpkin.

The official page of “City of Anoka, Minnesota” posted pictures of the pumpkin-carving process on Facebook and stated: “Progress is being made on the carving of Maverick, the record-breaking, 2,560 Pound pumpkin in Anoka, the Halloween Capital of the World!”

Numerous comments and hundreds of likes have been left on the photographs. One person responded by writing, “Soo thrilled to see it.” “Unique pumpkin carving,” a different user added. Another person said, “An eagle, I’m assuming sooooo awesome.”

Images of the finished project show an enormous pumpkin that glows brilliant yellow from the inside and is carved like an eagle with piercing eyes.

Travis Gienger, a gardener, said on his official Facebook page, “Mike (the carver) did an amazing job given the unusual form of the pumpkin he had to deal with.”

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