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Fight Erupts Over Marijuana Seedlings in Northern Thailand



Marijuana Seedlings in Northern Thailand

Police in northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai province reports a fight broke out at Mae Jo University after a man became frustrated that he was unable to buy marijuana plant seedlings, after standing in line for hours.

He said later that he had driven all the way from Saraphi district in Chiang Mai but was then told that the day’s quota of marijuana seedlings had run out.

Police told City News the man began berating the University staff for shoddy service and matters soon got out of hand. A fight broke out and there were minor injuries.

Mae Jo University says it’s currently selling only 400 marijuana plant seedlings per day, allowing 5 seedlings per person. Each marijuana seedling is going for 30 baht.

At Kasetsart University on Thursday, Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives opened a one-stop cannabis service center to educate people about growing weed, hemp, and kratom plants.

The ceremony was chaired by Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Mananya Thaiset. She said the Department of Agriculture has conducted extensive research to harness cannabis, hemp, and kratom plants for medical purposes.

Researchers will create high-quality strains of the formerly narcotic plants to meet the growing demand. In addition, they will make technological improvements and plant selection to comply with government policies that promote them as cash crops and for medical purposes.

Under the law, the Department of Agriculture must regulate the use of cannabis, hemp, and kratom as well as the import and export of these plants.

Distributing Marijuana Seedlings

Ms. Mananya says that since the plants were delisted as narcotics, they have captivated the public’s attention. Many people are still unaware of the regulations governing their import, export, and registration.

According to Ms. Mananya, the Department of Agriculture opened a one-stop center at Kasetsart University’s Bang Khen campus to provide information and consultation.

Additionally, hemp and cannabis plants will be distributed. There will be a QR code attached which will provide information about the species and how to care for them.

According to the Department of Agriculture director-general Rapibhat Chandarasrivongs, the center is in line with the deputy minister’s policy on disseminating information about plants.

Mr. Rapibhat said the center’s 1174 hotline is open for inquiries.

As part of the agreement, the department signed a memorandum of understanding with the Public Health Ministry to use cannabis for medical purposes and for research, which will be crucial to the ministry’s efforts to promote cannabis in the home.

A million cannabis plants, two plants per household, will be given away free of charge by the government.

The giveaway cannabis was developed jointly by the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Medical Services, and the Organic Agro-Forestry Foundation.

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