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Marijuana Is Legal In Thailand But Tourists Can’t Smoke

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(CTN News) – Last week, Thailand legalized the cultivation and possession of marijuana, but the new laws include regulations and exceptions that could hurt tourism in the cannabis-friendly country.

The Thai Food and Drug Administration has officially decriminalized marijuana for medical and industrial use, making Thailand the first country in Asia to do so. Thailand does not legalize recreational marijuana nationwide, and new policies are limited by the Thai government.

According to a post on the Thai government’s official Facebook page, the new cannabis laws were developed with medical, economic, and health goals in mind.

Thailand has long been interested in cannabis. Thailand became the first Southeast Asian country to approve medical marijuana use in 2018. Once cannabis is legalized in Thailand, the Thai government will distribute one million cannabis plants to Thai households.

You are not allowed to use marijuana for recreational purposes

Thailand isn’t the place to light a joint in the park. In Thailand, smoking weed in public can lead to a three-month prison sentence and a fine of over $700.

People who wish to study cannabis for medicinal purposes or explore commercial opportunities are welcome, Jackson-Fitzgerald said. The only recommendation I have for purely recreational tourists is to wait before planning a trip to Thailand.”

Cannabis-related stipulations may confuse tourists who wish to participate. An official with the Tourism Authority of Thailand did not respond to a request for comment on cannabis consumption advice.

Cannabis consumers should take the time to really understand local laws before deciding where to vacation so they don’t end up doing something that can get them into trouble,” said expert Tom Angell.

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