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Less Effort, More Sleep: Shopping Quality Mattresses Made Easier



Less Effort, More Sleep: Shopping Quality Mattresses Made Easier

Multiple variables come with mattress shopping. Not only do you have to consider your bed, but you also need to list your sleeping position, weight, firmness, and comfort levels, and whether the brand offers trial periods, warranties, and free shipping. With so much to think about, a newbie mattress shopper like you could feel overwhelmed.

Luckily, like many newbies, all it takes is a straightforward guide to make your task faster and simpler. Here, we highlight the top five variables you will need to consider when buying a brand new mattress:

Support and Comfort Levels

The significant factors that determine whether you get the best sleep are support and comfort. You will need a bed that will adequately hold you so you don’t end up in the morning with a throbbing backache, and your bed shouldn’t cause and create pressure on your body, so you don’t wake up tired.

If you’re a side sleeper, your mattress should sink around your shoulders and hips while keeping your spine aligned. If the bed doesn’t drop with the body, it could be too hard for a side sleeper. Likewise, if you’re a back sleeper who keeps switching positions to keep your spine aligned, you probably have a mattress that is too soft for you.

Thus, it’s imperative to know where your support and comfort levels lie so you have an idea of what you want your mattress to cater to, how it should contour your body, and keep it properly aligned.

Motion Transfer

Minimizing motion is always the best option, especially when you’re sleeping with a partner, a pet, or a child. Without a mattress that isolates and prevents motion, you risk being woken up when someone gets out of bed or changes positions. With this, it’s best to remember to buy a bed with motion isolation to prevent sleepless nights because of rippling movements.

Additionally, looking for beds with motion isolation isn’t difficult as it seems. Lucky for you, you could quickly check out the best online mattress if you want. Here, you won’t have to leave the house and visit dozens of shops as the mattress you need has been made available with one click!

Mattress Type

Since you’ve grasped your mattress preferences, it’s now time to delve into the mattress itself – the four types (innerspring, hybrid, memory foam, and latex) and what each has to offer:


Innerspring beds have been around for a long time, and they’re still widely made and sold today. Likewise, these traditional beds offer not only support and responsiveness but also their ability to sustain an even surface perfect for back sleepers. With its qualities tied together with its low price, most buyers are initially captivated by the innerspring bed.


Hybrid beds are made to cover a wide range of sleepers because they combine the innerspring’s support property and the comfort and conforming properties of memory foam or latex. Because of these two systems, sleepers get various quality materials that ultimately deliver the best sleep.

Memory Foam

Memory foam beds are popular because they perform the best at body contouring. Likewise, these beds receive a perfect score when it comes to comfortably, especially with their two-layered structure of stretchable foam and firm poly-foam. Although the first memory foam retained heat when it emerged, most manufacturers today have infused cooling technology to keep the bed cool and comfy.


Obtained from the rubber tree sap, latex beds have appealed to sleepers who want a more breathable and eco-friendly mattress. With this bed, you experience body-conforming qualities that are also durable, comfortable, and long-lasting. Like the memory foam, latex beds also have cooling factors, but they come at a higher rate.

Mattress Pricing

Whether you’re prepared to invest in an extravagant mattress or on a budget with a few hundred dollars in mind, you should always create a plan for your bed’s prices.

Additionally, your mattress doesn’t have to be expensive to deliver quality sleep as there are budget-friendly beds that offer a nice balance between support and comfort. Likewise, going for the cheapest may mean the quality of the materials is inadequate. Thus, take your time with each mattress, check the quality of materials, whether they suit your preferences, and whether they’re sold at a reasonable price.

Actual Buying Considerations

When you’re buying the mattress per se, it’s now time to think about the warranty and free trial that comes with the bed. Trial periods are crucial as this allows you to check out the mattress for yourself and determine whether it may work well or not. Additionally, warranties ensure that the brand has you covered and reassure you that they will accept the bed back if it has defects or damages.


For a newbie shopper, this guide has indeed made your search undemanding as it has covered your preferences and your mattress’ qualities. Likewise, shopping has further been made smooth as you could easily buy quality beds online. Thus, with five simple steps to follow, you ultimately spend less effort shopping and more time sleeping!

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