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In His Defense, Kevin Spacey Testifies in a Civil Trial

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In His Defense, Kevin Spacey Testifies in a Civil Trial

(CTN News) – A trial brought against Kevin Spacey by actor Anthony Rapp has seen Spacey take the stand as the first witness in his own defense.

According to Spacey, Rapp’s allegations are untrue, in response to the first question from his attorney, Chase Scolnick.

Attorneys for actor Anthony Rapp finished presenting their case against Kevin Spacey earlier today.

As a teenager, Rapp, best known for his role in Star Trek: Discovery, claims Spacey picked him up, laid him on his bed, grabbed his buttocks, and pressed his groin into his body without his consent in 1986. Kevin Spacey is being sued for battery.

Spacey won a major victory on Monday when Judge Lewis Kaplan dismissed a claim of intentional infliction of emotional distress. Kaplan rejected Rapp’s lawyer’s request to keep it in.

In June, Kaplan dismissed an assault claim in this case.

There was no comment from Rapp’s lawyer about Monday’s ruling.

The lawyers for Spacey have pointed out discrepancies in Rapp’s claims, including dates he claims to have met Spacey.

Peter Saghir, Rapp’s attorney, asked the actor last week if he had lied about Spacey’s alleged misconduct.

The incident wasn’t okay for me. It happened to me,” Rapp explained.

Testimony of Spacey 

During Spacey’s testimony Monday, he also denied allegations made by Andrew Holtzman, who appeared at the trial earlier.

During his testimony, Kevin Spacey denied grabbing Holtzman’s crotch and pressing his body against him without his consent in 2017.

According to Spacey, he has always been private about his life and upbringing. According to him, his deceased father was a neo-Nazi and a White supremacist.

According to Spacey, his father’s prejudicial views influenced his “intolerance” to bigotry, as well as his delay in publicly announcing his sexuality.

According to Spacey, his father used derogatory language about Kevin Spacey sexuality and his interest in theater when he was a child.

It was critical for Spacey to keep his personal life private so that fans would remember the roles he had played.

After Rapp’s allegations were published by Buzzfeed, Spacey made a statement saying his publicity team advised him he would be labeled a victim blamer if he pushed back.

“I was encouraged to apologize, and I’ve learned a lesson: never apologize for something you did not do,” Spacey said. “I regret everything I said.”

Within minutes of releasing his 2017 statement, he regretted coming out as gay in response to Rapp’s allegations.

I was accused of trying to change the subject, or deflecting, or that I was conflating an allegation with being gay, which was never my intention,” Spacey said through tears. He explained, “I didn’t intend to hurt the gay community, but I do now.”

During Spacey’s cross-examination on Tuesday morning, the trial is expected to resume.

What happened to Kevin Spacey?

Kevin Spacey’s U.K. trial over sexual assault charges will start next year Actor Kevin Spacey’s trial in the United Kingdom has been scheduled to begin in June 2023.

He faces a separate civil sex-assault lawsuit in the United States from another man, actor Anthony Rapp


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