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Jackie Chan gives $200,000 USD to Thailand Charities



Chan said he’s loved Thailand ever since his first brief trip here as a youngster


Chiangrai Times – Jackie Chan has wrapped up his UNICEF mission to Myanmar, and is now in Thailand bringing relief to flood-affected orphanages and centers for the elderly.

Jackie Chan, famous film star and charity devotee, said that the children represent the future and the whole community should extend loving care to them and attach importance to child education to help them grow up healthy and sound.

He said for the past eight years since becoming a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, he traveled to many parts of the world including trips made on his own arrangement, citing Myanmar, and the next trip may be to Afghanistan, preferably war-struck areas.

He said he will advocate for peace, telling the world that “friends can be chosen but neighbours cannot.”

He recalled the experience when he mingled with some Myanmar children.

“I introduced my own experience to them, encouraging them to receive education to protect them from being miss-led or cheated,” Chan said.

During his trip, Chan received an overwhelming welcome and was greeted by excited children and hundreds of fans wherever he went.

Jackie Chan has been a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2004, using his prestige as a means of promoting humanitarian cause for the most disadvantaged children.

While Chan is a strong and dedicated advocate of child rights and welfare who teenagers here say are a source of inspiration, Chan said he was inspired and deeply impressed by hundreds of young trafficking survivors for their optimism and determination to build a better life.

The star delivered supplies and a donation of $200,000 from the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. He also met with government officials and held a press conference where he said he hoped other stars would follow his example and help those in need.

Chan, who shared photos of the trip on his website, told local reporters, “I grew up poor and struggled, and now I have enough money to share with the needy.”

Chan said he’s loved Thailand ever since his first brief trip here as a youngster. And he still remembers indispensable phrases like mai pen rai. This stuff does matter, though, Jackie. Thanks!

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