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It’s Venomous Jellyfish Season in Thailand, Says TAT

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(CTN News) – Thailand’s tourism authorities are warning of more venomous jellyfish to come after thousands of “fire jellyfish” washed up on the shores of the Bok Khorani National Park earlier this week.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has warned swimmers and snorkelers not to take any risks on beaches where jellyfish warning signs are posted.

Even though TAT acknowledged that swimmers are “extremely rare” to be stung, it cautioned beachgoers to be aware that jellyfish are present, particularly in Thailand’s south, due to the “season of venomous jellyfish”.

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Following the fire jellyfish scare in Krabi earlier this week, the head of the national park has warned that fire jellyfish are extremely venomous, and getting stung by one can be extremely painful or even deadly.

As the name implies, Morbakka fenneri, or “fire jellyfish,” doesn’t get its name from its pinkish-red color, but rather from its potent sting.

If you are stung by a fire jellyfish, you should immediately pour vinegar on the affected area.

A 9-year-old Israeli boy was killed in Koh Pha Ngan by a jellyfish sting last year. During a family outing at Haad Rin beach, a box jellyfish stung the boy. One of the world’s most deadly creatures is the box jellyfish.

The venomous jellyfish can be found all year in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, but its abundance is greatest from July to October, according to Sophon Golden of the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources.

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