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Is Crypto Mining Still Profitable In 2022?

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If you have engaged in Crypto Mining and you have not been able to reap the benefits according to your expectations. Do not leave hopes.

Amidst the hue and cry that the profit cascaded down to 40% in the wake of 2021, experts provide every bit of assurance on profitability and stability in the long run.

In this article, feedings and stimuli will be provided on Crypto Mining. This will ensure you are motivated enough to invest in Crypto Mining.

Valuable guidance on Crypto Mining could be obtained from meta profit that might help investors.

Crypto Mining In short

Crypto Mining is a competitive process that involves, verification and subsequent addition of transactions in the existing blockchain. Proof of Work Methods is used in the overall operation here.

Under this, the miners get to win some amount of extra currency and transaction fees. This turns out to be a profitable venture for the miners.

Crypto Mining Methods 

There are 4 different methods of Crypto Mining and they include:

  • Clour Mining.
  • CPU Mining.
  • GPU Mining and
  • ASIC Mining.

Firstly, in Cloud Mining, a specific amount of money is invested to rent out the mining machine called “Rig”. Earnings extracted on the Rig are transferred to the CryptoCurrency wallet.

Secondly, CPU Mining makes use of processors in mining Cryptos. This is quite a slow and backdated method.

GPU meaning is the most popular and considered fastest because of the speed of its application. Here, the GPU rigs involve using Graphics Cards.

ASIC Mining is popular among miners because they produce a decent amount of crypto profits. Machines used by ASIC Miners are powerful and they have an advantage over other miners.

Brief History Of The Journey Of Mining And Profitability

It is observed that Miners extracted around 2.9$ a day for one Terahash in the Mid 2015 July. The Journey continued with more of less than 2.88 November 2015.

After some initial setbacks, again the profits rose in the year 2017 with 2.28a day for one Terahash.

Even if the profitable slumped to a massive 40%, profits from mining were more or less stable.

This slumping trajectory might demotivate investors engaged in Crypto Mining as they turn out to be less profitable with time.

CryptoMinining And Malware

Cyber fraudsters use different tricks to dent on the Crypto Miners account. There are pirated software that is used to hack systems. The system turns out to be less effective after malware attacks the networks.

There are ways through which effective preventions could be made to save oneself from prospective malware attacks. If you intend to download from the internet make sure that they are authentic software.

Spam Filter Services are also considered the safest option to protect oneself from any kind of malware attack.

Profitable Crypto Currency In the Year 2022

Though it is observed that the profits on  CryptoCurrency are getting less with time. Delineating from the miner’s point of view it could be observed and addressed that they are around 5 of them, that are profitable enough:

  1. Bitcoin.
  2. Ethereum.
  3. Monero.
  4. Litecoin.
  5. Raven coin.

These are the premier platforms on the list of cryptocurrencies and hence found out to be profitable for miners in the time to come.

How Did Crypto Mining turn out to be Profitable??  

If a sneak peeks at the workings of Crypto Mining in the year 2020 is given, it would reveal that the price of  BTC increased to around $20000. Overall, the current price per day was around $40000 per day $33 per day.

Moving on with 2021, the extraction of profits turned out to be $25 per day, though lesser compared to that of 2020, yet considered much profitable.

According to 2022 projections and profits based on current prices ($40,000), experts point out that the expected profits would be around $16 per day. This could be considered a stable income though not high enough.

Therefore, it could be said that investment in CryptoCurrency is deemed extremely profitable. Generally speaking they are still profitable to the investors even today and in the future times.


To wrap up it could be said that Investors are lacking interest because the profits extracted every year are getting lesser. Moreover, Crypto Mining is under continuous vigilance of Hackers tiring to dent into the network.

Notwithstanding downcasting profits, it could be identified that investment in Crypt currency is getting profits with time.


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