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Irpin Can’t Be Bought, Irpin Fights: Mayor Refuses Russian Surrender

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Markichyn said in a Telegram account dated Tuesday that the previous day he had received a threat on his “life and health and had demanded that Irpin be completely surrendered.”.

He said to himself, “I am surprised that these monsters don’t understand that Irpin never gives up. Irpin cannot be bought. Irpin fights!”.

It should be noted that I offer a counter-offer to the occupiers, who can leave the community of Irpin within 24 hours, saving the lives and health of several thousand Russian conscripts whose mother, sister, daughter, grandmother and partner are waiting for them at home.”

A ceasefire for the Kyiv area was declared by the Russians on Tuesday afternoon. It is not yet clear whether a cessation of hostilities has taken place around the Ukrainian capital.

According to a report released publicly by the UK Defense Ministry on Monday, Russian forces were suspected to have targeted evacuation corridors and killed “several civilians” trying to evacuate Irpin, based on the latest intelligence analysis.

According to the ministry, Ukraine has been without heat, water, or electricity for several days due to heavy fighting.

As a result of the evacuation of the town, eight civilians were killed, said Mayor Markushyn in a statement through Telegram on Sunday.

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