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Iowa County Building Explodes, Injuring Multiple People



Iowa County Building Explodes, Injuring Multiple People

(CTN News) – KCRG reports that the City of Iowa County Marengo is warning residents to stay away from the area where an explosion occurred as a precautionary measure.

On Thursday morning, fire fighters were called to the scene as a major fire was reported in the 800 block of East South Street. The fire was reported in the 800 block of East South Street.

There have been reports that the explosion happened around 11:15 a.m. It has been confirmed that at least two burn victims have sustained injuries as a result of the blast, but little else is known at this time.

Detailed information about the building confirms that it is a grain elevator and soybean crushing facility owned by Heartland Crush, according to property records.

The Iowa County Transportation Building is the place to visit if you need further assistance. Several people have been evacuated and have been instructed to go there for additional assistance.

Due to the smoke, officials are also asking people to stay indoors in order to reduce exposure to toxins.

Numerous fire departments and medical helicopters have been dispatched to the scene, along with several medical helicopters.

According to a statement released by University of Iowa County Hospitals and Clinics, several people have been brought to the hospital.

However, it is not possible to provide information about their health conditions as they have not yet been evaluated. It has been reported that the Iowa Valley Community School District is not going to be impacted by the storm, and schools will not be evacuated.

There have not yet been any details released by the authorities in Iowa County and the city of Marengo regarding this incident.

There are still many details to be revealed in this story, and we will keep you updated as the information becomes available.

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