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Interpol Police Hunt for 2 Polish Men after Woman Tortured in Thailand

They cut the Cambodian woman’s face, Hit her with a hammer and Splashed acid on her genitals



Interpol Police Hunt for 2 Polish Men

Police have asked Interpol to assist in the arrest of two Polish men accused of cutting a Cambodian woman’s face, hitting her with a hammer, and splashing acid on her genitals in Pattaya last month.

Investigators have already identified the pair, aged 22 and 31, based on fingerprints and DNA found on a cutter, a hammer, adhesive tape, a wire, and a glass left at the crime scene, according to CID Police.

CID police also stated that authorities have surveillance camera footage and circumstantial testimony from witnesses.

On November 1, the crime occurred in a forest near an eatery on Na Kluea 16 Road in Bang Lamung district.

According to police, the victim was a 30-year-old Cambodian woman who worked as a freelance artist for a Cambodian charity. She had spent about a year in Pattaya.

When questioned the woman in the hospital following the assault, she stated that she did not know the perpetrators. However, she claimed that an ex-wife of her foreign boyfriend had previously threatened her life, according to the station chief.

According to a CID police officer, the Cambodian woman received a contact through the WhatsApp chat app from a person claiming to be a prospective female art buyer who wanted to see her paintings at the eatery prior to the attack.

Instead, the two Polish men arrived at the appointed time. They dragged the woman behind a deserted house into a nearby forest.

Before fleeing, they bound her hands and feet with wire and adhesive tape, threw acid on her body, including her genitals, cut her face, and hit her with a hammer.

According to police, the two men arrived in the country on October 20 and stayed at a hotel in South Pattaya. They rode a motorcycle to the crime scene on Oct 31 and left it the next day, after the assault, at a coffee shop nearby.

The suspects left for the Philippines on November 3, investigators say the assault was apparently planned, and police initially suspected a relationship conflict.

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