India - What To See For A Tourist, Interesting Sights

India – What To See For A Tourist, Interesting Sights



In the south of Asia, the Republic of India is spread, which is distinguished by its peculiar color and peacefully adjacent opposites, starting from snow in the Himalayas with deserts in Rajasthan. Every year the country meets a large number of tourists who seek to fully relax and get acquainted with the unique sights of the state.

India for the tourist is rich in India with luxurious buildings and exquisite architecture, but the “Mausoleum of the Taj Mahal” is the main pearl of the country. The marble palace was erected by order of the padishah, who dedicated the construction to his insanely loving wife. “Taj Mahal” successfully combines Arabic, Persian and Indian architectural elements, and the walls are lined with precious stones.

There is a garden in front of the palace, on the territory of which fountains beat, and charming fish swim in the pool. Interestingly, it is strictly forbidden for aircraft to fly over the Taj Mahal. The heart of the ancient Indian civilization is the mystical and mysterious village of Hampi. In this area, the ruins of the ancient city of Vijayanagar with unsurpassed skillful buildings, erected more than four hundred years ago, have been preserved. Among these historical monuments are active Hindu shrines.

Every year, the Hampi festival is held here with fireworks, incendiary dances and festive parades.

A visit to other architectural delights will also be memorable:

  1. “Temple of the Lotus”;
  2. Chhatrapati Shivaji Station;
  3. “Hawa Mahal Palace”;
  4. “Pikola Lake Palace”;
  5. Akshardham Temple.

A complete relaxation complex gives tourists the Periyar National Park. Amazing animals and exotic plants, the sound of the Pambiyar River and the reflection of the waters of Periyar Lake fill with peace and tranquility.

More than sixty species of mammals and numerous reptiles and amphibians live in the park in their natural environment. A huge number of plants, about two and a half hundred species, are distinguished by their originality. One sixth of the flora is medicinal and is actively used for medical purposes. Not only to admire the variety of plants and communicate with animals, but also to visit the phenomenal observation deck allows the “Kotigao Nature Reserve”. Two viewing platforms are equipped on tall trees, which can be reached by rope ladders.

The towers offer stunning views of the park with ancient tangled forests. “Valley of Flowers” is not only the fabulous beauty of more than five hundred species of flowers, but also a heady aroma. From July to August in this place you can see a lot of color shades, which is surrounded by snowy peaks and mirror waterfalls. There are other natural beauties in India:

  • “Kanha National Park”;
  • “Caves of Borra”;
  • “Bird Reserve”;
  • Sawai Madhopur National Park.

A favorable climate and a variety of fruits are an ideal choice for strengthening children’s immunity. For little vacationers, India has also prepared interesting raisins. Numerous water parks will give a lot of delight. The largest of them are Shenku and Aquatika with slides and pools of various heights and volumes. Of all the water institutions, the Water Kingdom water park, located on the territory of the giant Essel World entertainment center, is recognized as the best in the republic. Slides and rides, pools and fountains, artificial rivers and canals create a holiday extravaganza accompanied by rhythmic music.

Birds and waterfowl, animals and snakes will show off in all their glory at the Jim Corbett National Zoo. And in the Sundarban Biosphere Reserve, movement is possible only by boat, which leaves an unforgettable experience.

India is beautiful and hospitable, the minutes spent in this state will leave only positive memories for many years!


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