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Husband Cremates Wife After Sleeping Beside Her Coffin for 21 Years

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For twenty-one years, a loving and devout husband has been hiding a morbid secret of keeping his wife’s dead body inside a coffin in their home.

The loving husband slept beside the coffin where her body was kept throughout that period, talking to her as if she was still alive.

Mr. Charn Janwatchakal, 72, told Thai media he kept her body with him above all because he loved her with all his heart.

In addition, he could not bear to be separated from his soulmate, who died in 2001 from a brain aneurysm.

Charn would spend the day with his pets in a small space next to the house, but he would lie next to his wife’s coffin at night.

Originally, his wife and two children lived in this house. However, the two sons moved out after she died because they couldn’t accept his decision.

How her body was stored all those years is unknown.

Time for Husband to Let Go

After more than two decades, the devout and loving husband decided it was time to let go of his wife and cremate her.

He feared that he would die before his wife could receive a proper funeral procession.

On April 30, the Phet Kasem Bangkok Foundation posted on Facebook that Charn had reached out to the organization seeking help with regard to cremation for his wife.

When her body was removed from Charn’s home, he said, “I still miss you every day, and my love for you hasn’t changed.”

Charn was seen sobbing on Facebook Live on the day of her funeral as he bid his partner a final farewell.

“Mum,” he cried, “you are just departing for a brief business trip, and then you will be returning soon to me.

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